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Original Piece - The Family Behind-The-Brand

I founded Original Piece back in 2008, as a way to pave a legacy for my children. I am the mother of 7 and CEO and Founder of Original Piece, let's just say my days are never dull and are always filled with laughter and blessings I never thought were possible. 
Original Piece started in a 900 square foot boutique that was a former tattoo parlor that I transformed into a women's clothing store. I left the impression of a sticker on the door that said 'Got Ink' as a way to remind me everyday nothing is impossible without hard work and a dream.
I created Original Piece as a place for women (any age, any style, any size) to come and shop and transform their self-esteem. To see themselves in the way they were created to be, and to bring out that inner beauty they might not see in themselves on a day-to-day basis. Each day we all face trials and struggles and obstacles, but at Original Piece we love bringing back that smile and light in your eye you might have lost sight of.Original Piece has quickly become known as the brand to 'Be Yourself Everyday.' Each week I work with my team to select 7 dresses for each day of the week. Whether it's a throwback outfit to Wednesday I Wear Pink to a Sunday Funday look, a women's choices are unlimited! Each week you can shop the looks at the price of $34.50 and get free shipping. Why break the bank for outfits, when you don't want the same outfit over and over in your Instagram pictures!
Over the course of Original Piece quickly expanding and becoming known as a social media based company, I develop and created one of the best-known faith bracelets in jewelry, the GBeads. They are a way for you to 'be yourself everyday and know you loved.' Each and every person is beautiful in his or her own way and by wearing a Gbead you are spreading the message to be yourself. The empowering message has reached thousands and thousands of customers and we are so blessed to be on your self-discover journey! I get so many write-ins of your customers wearing the Gbeads I created and saying how they have really helped them get through some days they face so many trials.
I have also paired with the InstaFamous Blogger, HeyitsCarlyRae, to give your GKeys. They are a line of all one-of-a-kind, hand painted keys that symbolize, 'Life is a journey and only you hold the key.' Like all my signature brands, they are made right here in the USA with love.
Original Piece is an empowering brand and always growing and expanding. It wouldn't be without my family that Original Piece and I have grown so far. My daughters, Nina, is the Head Stylist in our Fashion Department. My second oldest daughter is known as HeyitsCarlyRae and is charge of all our blogging. My other daughter, Ralphi, is the Head photographer in our Original Piece Studios. I am waiting for my sons to get older to discover their inner originality and set forth a new path with Original Piece.