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Welcome to Original Piece! We are a Christian-based clothing company whose top priority is celebrating what makes our fans Original. It’s an ideology that’s embedded right in our name.
We chose the name Original Piece because we believe that God made everyone to be Original. This is something you add to every time you get out of bed, get dressed and make the decisions that make you “you.” That’s why we put so much effort into bringing in new styles for our Originals to choose from. Last year we looked at over 15,000 pieces, from Palm Beach sandals to cute plaid dresses to college graduation dresses, so we could bring our Originals the best selection possible. Making sure we had something for every Original out there was something we simply could not compromise on.
We have more than just clothing that helps you be the most “you” version of you! We also offer cute accessories and inspiring home décor. Our G Beads look stunning and will remind you of an inspiring faith-based message every time you look at them. You’ll also find some inspirational quotes that will both uplift you and personalize your home or office space into a place that is uniquely your own.
It’s all a part of how we are helping people stay Original. That’s really what our passion is — celebrating what makes everyone Original right alongside them. That’s why we do things like our Youtube tutorials on things like how to nail your outfit for New Year’s Eve or your favorite celeb’s looks. We also offer LiveChat with one of our staff stylists if you have any questions about a product. They can offer you great tips on how to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Sign up (for free!) to be an Original Piece member and get instant discounts on your next order.
Once again, Welcome to Original Piece. We hope you’ll stay a while.